Belarusian Contract
Bridge Union



Prof. Ilya Feranchuk - Chairman,

Igor Radziukevich - Vice-Chairman,

Alexander Korzun - Chairman of BCBU,


Denis Dobrin - Chief TD / (RUS)


Anton Osipov / (RUS)


Henadzi Medusheuski / (BY)

The tournament will be played according to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge and below Conditions of Contest.


The tournament will include the Open Pairs, Open Teams Tournament and the IMP Pairs Tournament.

In the Open Pairs (MP Scoring) 7 sessions by 10 boards each will be played. If two or more pairs will have the same final score, an advantage in the last session will decide, etc.

In the Teams Tournament teams 7 rounds of 8-boards matches will be played by Swiss system.

8th round: top 4 teams will play semi-final (1st place will choose a team from 3rd and 4th places).

9th round: Winners play finals and losers play the match for 3-4 place. Carry-over (8 and 9 round): +3,1 IMPs for the team which finished higher in the Swiss.

In the IMP Pairs Tournament single session by 22-24 boards will be played.


All potential participants of the pair tournament must be submitted electronically until 18:00 September 27, 2017, via the official website of the tournament.


Friday (29/09/2017) Saturday (30/09/2017) Sunday (01/10/2017)
11:00 - OPEN TEAM 1st round 10:00 - OPEN TEAM 8th round (16 boards) 10:00 - OPEN PAIRS MAX 4th session
12:15 - OPEN TEAM 2nd round 12:10 - OPEN TEAM 9th round (16 boards) 11:40 - OPEN PAIRS MAX 5th session
13:30 - OPEN TEAM 3th round 10:00 - CITY TOUR 13:20 - OPEN PAIRS MAX 6th session
16:00 - OPEN TEAM 4th round 11:00 - OPEN PAIRS IMP (22-24 boards) 15:00 - OPEN PAIRS MAX 7th session
17:15 - OPEN TEAM 5th round 16:00 - OPEN PAIRS MAX 1st session 17:00 - Closing Buffet and Prize Giving
18:30 - OPEN TEAM 6th round 17:40 - OPEN PAIRS MAX 2nd session
19:45 - OPEN TEAM 7th round 19:20 - OPEN PAIRS MAX 3rd session


Open pairs, MP scoring - 60€*/pair

IMP pairs - 20€/pair

Open Teams Tournament - 120€/team

* - All payments are carried out in Belarusian roubles at the rate of national bank.


Open Pairs** Open Teams*** IMP Pairs****
1st - 960€ + 1st - 1200€ + 1st - 200€ +
2nd - 600€ + 2nd - 720€ + 2nd - 120€ +
3rd - 360€ + 3rd - 480€ + 3rd - 80€ +
4th - 240€
5th - 120€
Mixed Pair - 120€

** - The Organization may review these prizes if there are less than 60 participant pairs.

*** - The Organization may review these prizes if there are less than 30 participant teams.

**** - The Organization may review these prizes if there are less than 30 participant pairs.


Bridge Festival “Minsk Cup 2017” will be held at the universal sport complex «Chizhovka Arena» which was built especially to the Ice-Hockey European Championship 2014. «Chizhovka Arena» is located on the bank of lake in the green area of the city.

Address: Tashkentskaya Ulitsa 19, 220077 Minsk, Belarus
Tournament playing area will be situated in the press-room of this sports complex.
There are several bars, cafes and restaurants next to this room.

How to get

From Central railway station:
1. By trolleybus #16 till stop “Chizhovka Arena” (about 35-40 min.)
2. By metro to station “Autazavodskaya” then by trolleybus ##16, 17, 92 or bus #22 till stop «Chizhovka Arena» (about 25-30 min.)

From airport:
1. Airport express bus #300 goes every 30-40 min. between Minsk International airport and the Central railway/bus station. Journey takes 55-60 min. Then see way from Central railway station.
2. By airport express bus #300 to metro station “Uruchcha”, then by metro to station «Autazavodskaya», then by trolleybus ##16, 17, 92 or bus #22 till stop “Chizhovka Arena” (about 80-90 min.)


Organizers strongly recommend to book for staying Hotel «Arena» next to the tournament venue.


Players from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine do not need visas to Belarus. Players from other countries have to apply for visa in the Belarusian Embassy or Consulate in their countries. The Organizing Committee will try to arrange free of charge visas if you send (e-mail: your personal data in accordance with below example no later than 20th of August.
NName, Family nameDate of birthGenderNationalityPassport NValid untilOccupationKind of sportPlace where visa will be applied
1Andrius Gurevicius1995-02-12MaleLithuania220293412017-03-07BusinessBridgeVilnius

Upon receiving the personal data from all participants of one country the Organizing Committee initiate the official letter invitation to corresponding Embassy/Consulate and send the copies of this letter to participants requesting them to apply for visas.
The procedure for obtaining visa and visa application form can be found on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus and Belarusian Embassy in your country.


For all the information and registration for the tournament please contact:

Prof. Ilya Feranchuk



Igor Radziukevich